5 Best Dog Food Brands in India

Best Dog Food Brands

You love your dog so much that you consider him / her an integral part of your family. So, be careful about his/her needs.   Talking about your dog’s food, choose the best of the best for him/her.  Whether you have a small breed dog or you are finding puppy food, you are always confused about the best dog food brands.  So here we are telling you about those 5 best dog food brands in India which provide great nutritional support for your dogs.

India has a big market for dry dog food.  While wet dog food contains 60% to 90% moist, it has an uncertain expiration date. Wet dog food products are expensive. Also, you have to store wet food as soon as it is open because it has a low shelf life.  Talking about dry dog food, it is a spoilage free product, you can store it at your convenience. Dry dog goods are affordable in pricing. Dry dog food contains 8% to 10% moist.  Wet dog food is for those dogs, who drink a little water. Wet dog food prevents them from dehydration.

But before that, you should check out the following factors before buying the right dog food:

Dog needs high proteins.  You should look for those brands which provide high- quality 50%-80% real fresh meat which includes chicken, fish, lamb meat, etc. Grain-free dog food prevents your dog from obesity, food allergy, and digestion problems.   Grain-free dog food contains high fiber fruits and vegetables that are helpful for your dog’s health. Your dog needs vitamins, antioxidants, and minerals. You should see vegetable ingredients like potato, sweet potato, mango, papaya, carrot, peas, beet pulp, apple, banana, and cranberry. Vitamin C and E, and Omega fatty acids are other important ingredients in the dog food.

You should give your dog dry hard food such as kibbles and Calcium milk bones. This food prevents your dog from dental problems such as tartar, plaque, and tooth decay.  For old dogs, wet dog food is enough as they have few teeth. Dog food should have an early digestible. Natural vitamins and minerals help to maintain your dog’s strong muscles. The brands should include Vitamins and minerals in puppy dog food products as they help to grow your puppy friend healthy and energetic.

you must buy natural and organic dog food. Such dog food has Meat By-products, meals, wheat and corn gluten, grains, chemicals, artificial flavors and colors, and preservatives. Avoid them as your furry friend’s health is more important.

before buying any dog food, you should read the first five ingredients on the label. They should have their quantity in descending order. The First five ingredients should have maximum components (50%) of meat, vegetables, and minerals. If the first five ingredients include Meat By-products, don’t buy them.

take suggestions of your family vet before buying any dog food for your dog.

So, here are those best dog food brands which are popular in India:

It is a grain-free brand which contains 55% of fresh chicken and Salmon. It includes 45% of vegetables, fruits, and herbs. The brand has dry and wet dog food products for all breeds. They list the first five ingredients separately so you can check them easily. The brand doesn’t use artificial flavors, colors, and preservatives.


Royal Canin is known as a no.1 premium dog food brand in India. The brand has become a favorite among pet owners. It provides tailored nutritional support considering a dog’s health. They have a variety of products for dogs with every breed and age.  The brand is cheap and uses ingredients like poultry protein and rice. The brand has made age-specific formulas for every dog food recipe whether your dog is a small breed or a large dog.

5 Best Dog Food Brands in India

This is a grain-free dog food brand that provides high-qualified natural ingredients such as herring meal, salmon, chicken cartilage, whole herring, whole eggs, boneless chicken, chicken meat, and boneless walleye. The brand has a range of dog food that gives natural and high- qualified protein to your dog. The brand has a reputation for more than a decade in the market so you can trust it.

5 Best Dog Food Brands in India

If you are finding the awarding-winning dog food for your small breed pooches, choose Acana. The awarding winning food brand contains biologically appropriate dog food, which is made by regional ingredients. It has fresh and organic ingredients like nest-laid eggs, ranch-raised meats, and wild-caught fish, and free-run poultry.


This is a well-known brand that has been in the industry for over 120 years. It has a wide range of dog food which has been specially developed by the company’s nutritionists, vets, and food scientists. The brand offers a great taste for your dog. Each dog recipe has been made for the specific needs of dogs of every variant. Be it puppy food or adult dog food, they contain minerals, protein, antioxidants, omega fatty acids, and vitamins. Also, it is affordable for middle-class pet owners.

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